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September 1, 2019 Furnitures

Woven Baskets Ideas

Different variety of woven baskets styles like natural wood painted or covered with fabric are available. These baskets are made ​​using the same techniques in common. With a little patience and many willow buds you can create your basket for clothes at home.

Woven baskets immerse the sheet in water. Drain the excess water so that the sheet remains wet but not dripping. Wrap the willow shoots in the wet sheet and allowed to settle overnight. Cut eight willow shoots 2 feet (0.6 m) with a pair of shears.

Slice down the middle four outbreaks willow using a razor. Divide the center of the four outbreaks to fit within the four outbreaks. Line them up next to each other, no slicing sprouts sliced ​​through its center to create the center of the bottom of the woven baskets.

Take two of the finest willow buds to braid the center of the bottom of the basket. Four threaded section outbreaks each twice. Starts screwing around each individual sprout, to separate in a star shape. Wraps around each individual bud to create a fabric bottom of the basket. If you run out of bud length before completing turns, takes another outbreak similar wide and uses the knife to sharpen one end.

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