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November 18, 2019 Furnitures

Works Planter Boxes DIY

Planter boxes are probably the simplest designs to make container gardening. DIY designs ideas are applicable based on your preferences, needs and budget. If you love make DIY jobs but also you love gardening, you can work to unite both clubs. We show different DIY jobs that are related to gardening: making pots and planters, shelves for pots.

We propose to create a shelf for the pots of your home. With this unit, we have a lot of small plants protected and organized space.

Petrel planter boxes

This time, from two brick piers pergola, we will create a planter whose structure will be made of other material to mimic the brick piers.

Planter boxes for Creeper

This second work is simple and very showy. With stripped pine wood create the structure for covering a simple plastic planter. Furthermore, this structure will have a stand at the back to serve as tutor to plant vines.

Concrete planter boxes

Here is how to create a large planter with a concrete slab. To this end, a prefabricated concrete curbs are placed. Do not miss this decorative masonry work that will become the perfect space to plant plants abroad.

Flowery gutter

An original option to make a vertical garden is to use PVC gutters. The cut it to length and place them after painting on the wall by brackets.

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