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August 29, 2019 Furnitures

What Is The Best Time To Hang A Wall Coat Rack?

Simple but quite effective wall coat rack can make a fine addition to room for neater and well organized look. Different designs ideas are yours to decide. Hang their coats on a rack, rather than storing them in the closet, you can make this common task easier and convenient. To maintain the elegant wall coat rack, avoid overcrowds it; hang only those items that you use frequently. Choose a rack with enough hooks for each family member and one or two additional hooks if you won’t receive visitors.


Before choosing a location for the rack, consider who will use it. Teenager only? There are children in your home, or maybe even a family member that is significantly lower than the other? Although it is best to hang it high enough for the coats do not touch the floor height, make sure everyone can reach it. If you have small children, buy a second ‘wall coat rack and hang it at an ideal height for them.


To ensure that 177 inches is a good height for your home, place the tallest boots of any member of his family under the place where you want to hang the wall coat rack. Hold the rack at the height of 177 cm above the floor and place the longest one of the hooks on coat. If the jacket does not hide boots, this is a good time for you to hang the rack.

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