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August 30, 2019 Other Pillow

What Is European Pillow Shams?

European Pillow Shams – While not particularly European, European calls covers pillows offer unique design element for interior designers and interior decorators. Available in a wide range of prices, which vary in pattern, material, shape and design. What, then, European pillow cases have in common? They are square in shape and intended for interior decoration.

European pillow shams covers are intended to cover the European pillow, identifiable by its characteristic square form. The standard size of a European pillow is 26 x 26 centimeters, although retailers often refers collectively to the square pillows of various sizes and European pillows. Pillowcases oddly sized square pillows are frequently sold with the pillow, as they are more difficult to track individually. European pillow covers are available in a variety of materials ranging from cotton to silk to polyester.

European pillow  shams covers can be found in a wide range of materials ranging from cotton with polyester silk. Cotton covers can be found for less than $ 10. Alternatively, for about $ 200, you can buy European standard size covers made of tussah silk, a variety of silk produced by wild silk worms fed all-natural diets . Typically, the covers have a single slit opening at the rear, through which the pillow is inserted. The opening of the slit may or may not present a zipper or button closure.

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