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November 30, 2019 Furnitures

Way to Remodell Hall of Narrow Armoire

Remodeling of a hall narrow armoire wardrobe can be a simple task, depending on how much you want to change. Remove all items in the closet. Sort through them to determine what will follow and what you can give away or throw. Set the items you plan to keep it aside. Remove any bar cabinet or shelves. Take the closet doors of its rails or hinges. You may need to use a drill to unscrew the accessories.

Add new cabinet accessories according to your needs and the size of the cabinet. If you have a lot of short to hang jackets in a narrow armoire wardrobe, you may want to hang closet two bars, one 3.5 meters above the ground and 3.5 meters per second over the first. Place a wall shelf above the top bar.

Fill storage containers with family hats, scarves and other accessories outerwear and place on the shelf. Drill hooks in a side wall of the narrow armoire wardrobe, if you have small children. Place hooks low enough that children can reach them easily. Attach a light touch to the side wall. Place a shoe bank in the closet floor and the pile of shoes in his family to him.

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