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October 14, 2019 Basement

Very Smart Ideas for Basement Design

Basement design windows are small but the white walls with satin finish. And the clear materials with some reflective element multiply the light. On the other hand the Nordic furniture in clear wood and the touches of blue break and bring interest making you look at the pieces. A very smart solution is the use of vertical lines that are present throughout the space by the frieze that has been placed on the walls; the visual effect is of more height and also conveys a fresh and summery atmosphere.

This can be a good solution if you have gotelé on the walls basement design or are not in good condition and do not want to get into a great work, they lose a few centimeters but the effect is worth it. Another idea that this project gives us is the use of materials in different formats, such as the marble floor in the spigot at the entrance and the mosaic of hexagons in the bathroom.

In both environments have continued with the use of oak and frieze so that although the material of the floor basement design changes is still maintaining an aesthetic line that harmonizes all spaces. Finally an idea that we love, use the corridors as a library or storage. In this case they have integrated the shelves so the books and decorative objects stand out and make the corridor an interesting place with a large storage capacity.

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