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October 20, 2019 Garage Floor Paint

Use Non Slip Mat Or Non Slip Paint For Garage Floors

Use Non Slip Mat Or Non Slip Paint For Garage Floors – The vast majority of garages are constructed with concrete floors. In fact, now a day if you have a garage with anything aside from dirt or gravel it is going to most likely be constructed of concrete. The worst combination on a concrete floor is oil and water spread out together. This is actually very common. First your car my drip a little oil or maybe you spilled some during the last oil change, and then you drive in with rain water or snow melt dripping off your car. The water sits on top of the oil because the old saying,”oil and water don’t mix,” is absolutely correct. When you have water on top of oil stains it is like stepping on ice.

The best way to make your garage safer is to use some sort of mechanism to give yourself better footing. Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. It is sensible to use a mat if you are only renting or if you plan to move soon. There is no reason you can’t just roll up the mat and take it with you to your next location. The down side is you can actually trip on the edge of the mat and they make it very hard to use a creeper under the car.

This sort of paint actually comes in two parts. First the paint material is rolled out on the floor using a nap roller. This can be either sand like material or paint flecks which add more color to the floor. Both of these work well for adding footing. The only real down side to floor paint is the amount of time it takes to clean the floor, apply the material, and wait for it to dry. But once it is down, it will give a non-slip surface for a long time.

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