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November 3, 2019 Garage Doors

Tips Installing Garage Door Seal

Generally, this involves coating your stamp strip with the tracks that the garage door rolls along, cutting any excess strip with your utility knife and door test on the garage door seal. The strip is positioned correctly if the garage door when closed rolls down on the flat side of the strip with the bumper or hump section of the strip inside the garage. Lay out the inside of the garage from the sealing strip with the pen or marker and then walk out the garage and repeat.

Garage Door Seal – Installing a garage door sill seal to block leaves, dust, dirt, snow, rain or pest from your garage or to reduce energy costs in garages attached to homes is not a difficult process Or time-consuming.

And then purchase a kit. Keep in mind that most kits are for use in concrete without breaking and untreated as garage door seal usually do not stick to long asphalt, gravel and painted or cracked surfaces. Make sure to compare the sealing strips (material, size, and color), including types of adhesives and warranties. Prepare the garage by cleaning and drying the installation area thoroughly. Follow the instructions in your kit to determine the position of the seal strip.

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