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December 12, 2019 Furnitures

The Styles of Chest of Vintage Dressers

Vintage dressers – vintage chest of drawers come in a variety of styles. Large closets, for example, are placed directly on the ground, usually with wide drawers and many lockable. Some vintage chests could have cast metal plates around the keyholes of the drawer. The vintage chests often made of oak, walnut and mahogany. However, in the late eighteenth century, the pine was used as a cheaper alternative.

Vintage dressers

French vintage chests of drawers

The French vintage chests of drawers featuring a variety of styles. The vintage dressers were generally made with a higher volume of timber as in the Napoleonic or Louisianans comfortable. In the 1950s, the French dressers were made with thin pieces of wood. French provincial dressers used to have curved legs and lower curved seat. These boxes could be painted by hand or painted white with gold accents.

Vintage dressers inlaid

The parquetry vintage dressers had a distinctive ornamental style. The first toilets typically show leaves and floral designs. Later, inlaid chests exhibited acanthus leaves and scrolls often with foliage and were usually made of mahogany.

Oriental vintage dressers

The oriental vintage dressers were often lacquered with metal handles and ornate plates. Carved replaced the lock plates and hinges of iron or brass instead of wrought iron. Vintage Oriental dressers could have shaped or flat serpentine front. These chests were often painted in orange bright or red with gold accents.

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