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October 4, 2019 Garage

The Most Beautiful Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors – Although also a car parked in the street or outdoors is exposed to the inclement weather that gradually wear the car: snow, cold, excessive heat, dust, leaves that fall and sneak through the hood … In short, a thousand things. That is why we must begin to be aware of how important a garage is in our day-to-day life, the luck we have. That’s why in here we want your garage to be the most beautiful of all. The most beautiful, the most functional, the best.

That you begin to pamper him as he deserves. This glass garage doors has seemed absolutely sensational given its enormous space and the noble finishes such as marble, limestone and especially wood. A space that can accommodate up to 8 vehicles and includes a car wash (yes, as you hear) with elevator and oil change.

It has a modern and minimalist design that makes us think that we are in a more interior area of ​​the house, and not in a garage. The glass garage doors have been made with thin wooden boards placed horizontally, something that undoubtedly brings movement. It seems that luxury cars also need luxury garages like this 220 square meters and with a ceiling height of 4.60 meters.

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