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August 27, 2019 Home Lightings

The Fine Reputation of Holophane Lighting

Holophane lighting products is the one you can count on. This reputation is based on more then a hundred year Holophane has brighten so many places or spaces. It is something that not you or me can denied. But this time i want to highlight the vary of LED lights that they had. I mean they are and old company that keeps upgrading and improving their performance. They know that people want and need that, they want that years after years there is a breakthrough. And as always Holophane deliver it with a solution. the LED is by any means is the latest technology that affirmatively use less energy and therefor making a sustainable environtment also environtment friendly.

The range of the Holophane lighting products that uses LED are still for the public space or commercial place dominantly,. However there is the LED products that can be use for houses or offices. That is the general lighting. But for the outdoor spaces they had the wall and flood lightiing, street decorative lighting, and roadway area lighting. And it is satisfaction guaranteed for sure, not just the quality of the products but also with the designs and the durability.

The durabiliy is the last thing that we usually forget. Because for me it is important to have a durable lights, especially for the outdoor lighting. Eventhough the proce was a little bit high but if you think for a long term, that cost especially cheap. Because perhaps you bought a cheaper lighting and in the end of the month you bought a new one, then the price is actually doubled and more higher then the one that you think it was expensive. But prices are relatives, I know they are, so for the quality it self I trust Holophane lighting because it has been proven by time.

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