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September 18, 2019 Basement

The Best Garage Ceiling Storage

The tools usually weigh a lot, so it is important that the material with which your garage ceiling storage are made. The best thing is metal or solid wood, although you can also have them in agglomerated wood and cover it. It is crucial to look at the supports for your garage shelves, as these must support the full weight of your tools. You can combine your shelves with other furniture that you have in the garage: so that the set is phenomenal, the material, the color or both, must coincide.

Your garage ceiling storage can also be vertical to use any gap between columns or next to them. Take advantage to the last corner! In addition, you can store in them some seasonal things of the house, such as Christmas lights or diving goggles.

Another good storage solution for your garage shelving is to place boxes of different sizes and put a label with the name of each tool or utensil of the car that you keep in them. You will have your tools perfectly ordered! If you have wanted to know more about garage ceiling storage, in our gallery below you can find more ideas about them and about the decoration and design of your home.

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