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December 5, 2019 Bathroom Designs

The Authenticity of Subway Tile Bathroom

Subway tile bathroom is one of the tile that has an authentic look. The white color brighten the bathroom as the sun ray enter to your window. And the light qualities will also improve the space so, your bathroom seems wider and spacious because of it. nevertheless the subway tile is almost free maintenance except just to clean it, and it clean very easy. Those reasons are the reasons why the subway tile is popular back from the old days when it first install to the subway wall in the New York City, dated back untill 1904. And the popularity if the authentic style still likely loveable untill now.

The advantages of the subway tile bathroom doesn’t stop there. It is also easy to install and surely affordable. However the 3×6 inch tile also grows with the demands, nowadays you could fing it not just in white color, but also green, grey, blue, and other color. So, the style remains but the the color scheme could be adjust to your needs or wants. And if for example you want to have a contemporary look or unique bathroom appearance using the subway tile, well, you should go with diffrent patterns. You could install it vertically instead of horisontally as usual. Or perhaps you have a diffrent pattern that you had in mind? Doesn’t mather I believe that also will be cool.

If I said earlier about the white color, then you shouldn’t forget that color also look gorgeous in any kind of bathroom furniture or fixtures. That’s why the subway tile never out of date. I guess that is the reason besides it is trully has a part on American civic society. When you come to the bathroom, eventhough it’s called the subway tile, you don’t feel like entering a subway. But you know that you are inside an American style bathroom. I guess that is the thing that make it looks authentic.

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