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Premium Tall Boy Dresser Mahogany

Tall Boy Dresser Mahogany

September 6, 2019 Dresser

The Apartment Vintage Mirrored Dresser

Dressers and mirrors are two constants in this house. Wherever you can look the mirrored dresser, whether in the lobby, in the bedroom and in the living room. But beware, it is not always typical of a mirror hanging on the wall, mirrored dresser also appears in groups, families, perched on furniture and next to each other. Alongside them there are always collections of objects, lamps, pottery, candles, glass, frames. The first impression is of a clean. There are details everywhere, but nothing comes to be recharged or overwhelming.

The living room is not for squeamish. The sofa and chairs invite you to sit back and get comfortable, and feel at home. Photographs, posters and paintings adorn the walls, and this work shelf surrounding the door is the key to make your stay as welcoming. Full of books and magazines without much apparent order indicates that this is a show for entertainment and learning.

In the dining room the same sensations repeat. A contemporary, very simple chairs, combined with some vintage piece, as the mirrored dresser or crystal chandelier. The kitchen is a retro wonder. The first thing that stands out is the oven and gas stove. Then view slides into the white vintage table with wooden top and black chairs beautiful grid.

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