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How to Make a Trundle Bed with Simple

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Trundle Day Beds

August 28, 2019 Other Ideas

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas Coloring

Teenage girl bedroom ideas often express their changing interests by changing the look of their personal space. While many young women cannot afford to buy new bedroom furniture, they can add color and accessories that reflect their style. Let her experiment with bright colors, stenciling and murals.

If you want to create a funky modern color ideas, eclectic affect, teenage girl bedroom ideas paint with vivid colors. Short sections of the wall, such as dormer walls, can become architectural accents when painted in intense shades of apple green, orange and fuchsia. Artistically inclined teenage girls can try to run small murals or stencils. Sockets can be painted to resemble daisies and roofs turn into miniature copies of the Milky Way.

Teenage girl bedroom ideas whose tastes run towards the romantic can complement ruche furniture with color in delicate shades of white, pink, butter yellow, pale red and claret. The paint in shades of off-white or sable trims, or covers it with Chinoiserie style patterned wallpaper. Antiqued finishes can spotlight romantic d├ęcor. Match lacy canopy bed furniture in a crackled or distressed finish.

Teenage girls, who prefer a calm, sophisticated look can try deep eggplant, burnt umber, smoky green, slate or ecru. These colors together well with wood, stone and bamboo furniture and accessories.

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