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September 2, 2019 Other Pillow

Story Of Peacock Pillow

Peacock pillow – He often lived in search of an escape, after all, Luigi is a person who has a personality somewhat complicated: hated making decisions. Always curled when having to decide things about your life. Always very careful, I took pleasure in helping people, giving advice, and he was good at it. Many came to him, between one call and another, emails, sms on mobile, always had someone with a “direction” of Luigi. Surrounded by friends and colleagues, he was a person who was never alone unless he wanted. Success is what so many of these “desperate in trouble” found after putting into practice the advice given by the always wise and understanding, however true friend of all hours and causes. But he was different, he could not give advice to you, and more complicated than that, did not open, about to receive other advice, to why, nobody knew their weaknesses, but to himself. Yeah, just him and the pillow soaked with tears, you know what you spend on that head full of dreams, fears, uncertainties and dreams, many dreams …

But who needs a counselor when you have a Feather Peacock pillow to hear you and see you cry without taking your reason and without saying anything, just listen. Often what humans need is silence, not someone who dictate her rules, after all, every being has the obligation to know what the rules of your life, if you know not, should seek to study them.

Feather peacock pillow – Breaking the rules was a Luigi specialty. It made it clear that routine was something that gave her disgust. Changed forever, changed the way of combing hair, changed the bed, the computer, the path to go to work, changed eating habits, and thus he believed the other things that were not within reach, would also change. It is inconceivable that some people want to change both, or something around you change, if it does not get the little things that are possible.

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