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September 23, 2019 Basement

Some Information on Basement Toilet Pump Installation

Installation basement toilet pump in the bathroom above ground is a simple and easy job. It takes only a few tools, new flanges and bolts, and of course the toilets. The worst case scenario is the decaying floor flange and needs to be replace. If the floor is in good condition, this work only adds a little labor and time to the project, as well as the purchase of new floor flanges. A more complicated project is the underground installation. This work requires a special toilet attached to the pump and waste macerates before pushing it into the main drain. For underground toilet installations, you will usually buy toilet toilets at the back.

By installing this basement toilet pump, the waste needs to be evaluate from the bowl through the back outlet and to the macerator. Where solid waste is liquefy by a rotating blade of the actuated motor. With a typical toilet installation, the most expensive item you will buy is the toilet itself. The parts for new toilets are the minimal cost. And this is true whether you buy a utilitarian unit that costs less than $ 150 or a $ 500 designer toilet.

Buying unit for installation basement toilet pump with pump and macerator will be much more expensive. The good news is that these basement units are usually sold as a package that includes macerators and toilets. Although it costs a few hundred more for underground toilet installations, you can save money by choosing to install it yourself.

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