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December 4, 2019 Garage Fan

Safety Wall Mount Garage Fan

Tighten the screws until they are fully tightened. Assemble the wall mount garage fan in the base. It is quite safe, especially if you have young children at home, since it’s usually installed at a height equal to or greater than 1 meter. Being attached to the wall saves you space. Distribute air evenly in all areas of the home or office. It can become quieter.

Wall Mount Garage Fan – A wall fan, as the name implies, is a fan installed directly on the wall surface of an establishment to keep the room temperature much. It has been believed that a wall fan is an object only for wide spaces, however, this is not so. It can be installed at home very easily, in a few minutes and is quite a comfortable product. Follow the following instructions for the wall fan installation process: Locate the place and height where you want the fan.

Remember that it needs to be close to a plug to make the connection of the appliance. With a pencil, mark the place as a reference point. Next, hold the wall mount garage fan base on the wall and mark the holes where you are going to make the holes for the blocks and screws. With the drill, drill the wall about 5 cm in the places you pointed. Attach the base of the fan to the wall by means of the screws and the blocks, introducing them with pressure.

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