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August 25, 2019 Furnitures

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table Design

Reclaimed wood coffee table – Rustic look but you can make it contemporary with ability in serving functional space based on your need. The coffee tables made ​​from reclaimed wood, either wooden pallet or other wood used, are fashionable. He is the current trend in which all you have a used, old or industrial appearance occur in any environment. We show them how to make a coffee table from reclaimed timbers, unlike other examples we’ve seen around this table is very elegant and has a lighter side, perhaps the kind of legs used to make finer.

Reclaimed wood coffee table for the realization of this table what is needed is a good saw to cut the slats to the extent you want. With slats we make a frame that will coat the bottom and side of the table. We’ll fix it with screws and tail assembly to the side of the MDF base.

Reclaimed wood coffee table should not stand out too much, its height will be the base plus the thickness of the strips forming the top. These will cut the 45 degree angle to form the distinctive chevron design on the table. We will post the slats with tail assembly on the MDF base. When we have everything ready we will place the legs that we have chosen.

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