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August 26, 2019 Trundle Bed

Popular Design Twin Trundle Bed Frame

Twin trundle bed frame provide additional sleeping space for the company. The beauty of trundle beds that slide is just under an existing bed and do not occupy any space on the floor on a regular basis. You can pull the trundle out parts when you need it, and put it back under the bed when not needed. Measure under the bed in which to store the trundle. If it is not high enough you may need to buy lifts to raise the regular bed a little higher. You also want to ensure that the existing bed is long enough to accommodate a double bed also.

Buy a twin trundle bed frame size mattress for the nest. Measure the mattress before cutting the wood to make sure you cut to the correct size. Add a couple of inches to the measures of mattress to use as a guide to cut the wood. Buy manages to add to one side of the trundle bed to make it easier to pull the bed when necessary. You will also need screws and a drill fitted with a screwdriver. The drill makes the job of joining the boards together much easier. Borrow a table saw from a friend or neighbor if you do not have one to make quick work of cutting wood to the correct sizes.

Cut all the wood pieces to their desired measurements. Attaching one of the short one of the long sides sides. Add the other short side and end with the last long side. Some screw 2 by 4 from the inside of the bed frame nest as supports. Paint or stain the wood if you want. Be sure to let the paint is dry and cure for a day or two. Flip the whole nest again and screw the wheels in each of the four corners to facilitate rolling in and out from under the bed. You may need to use the drill to make holes in the four corners first. Screw holes in the wheels. Flip the nest back and add the handles. It is necessary to attach the handles on one side of the nest. Take some measurements of the inside of the twin trundle bed frame. Cut a piece of plywood for these measurements. Place the timber on top of the 2 by 4 brackets. Cover the mattress.

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