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September 22, 2019 Basement

Perfect Design Finished Basement Ideas

Finished basement ideas are a great asset for a house. From a game room to the home office to the gym, there are many ways to use a finished basement. Before decorating, decide how the basement and your budget will be used. For example, creating a home theater or buying exercise equipment can be very expensive, so for those with a smaller budget, using the basement as a child’s playroom may be a better option. A great theme for finished basement ideas is a game room. Pool tables, game tables and built-in bars help create a fun atmosphere for family and friends. Decorate the walls with pennants of sports equipment or billiard-themed posters. Dart boards and chalk boards also accentuate the theme of the game room.

Finished basement ideas are the perfect place for a home theater. Usually dark, cool and cozy, basements provide the perfect space to snuggle up with a movie. Install a large television, and use comfortable seats such as sofas and recliners. If the budget allows it, you can also install a home stereo system to get better sound effects.

Children tend to have a lot of toys and it is very easy for the house to get a real mess very quickly. Returning finished basement ideas in a game room is a great solution. Make sure there are ample shelves and boxes for toys to store toys and soft floors so that children do not get hurt.

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