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November 26, 2019 Bathroom Designs

Panasonic Bathroom Fan Installation Process

Panasonic bathroom fan can be installed in a day. Before you start the installation process, you need to prepare those things below. Drill, screws, stud finder, 3/8 inch spade bit, gloves, mask, safety goggles, tape measure, framing square, reciprocating saw, drywall saw, electrical cable, electrical conduit, plastic connector caps, 1 1/2 inch stainless steel drywall screws, circular duct, metallic duct tape, flexible duct, wall cap, 4-inch long connector duct, rubber gasket, ladder, silicone adhesive, electrician, drywall knife, hacksaw, joint compound and also drywall tape.

If you have already prepared those things above, then you can start to install the Panasonic bathroom fan in your room. First step you should do is locate the ceiling joists with a stud finder. Then mark the fan location by driving a screw through the ceiling or drilling a hole with a 3/8 inch spade bit. Continue the step by connecting the adapter for the duct to the fan body side. After that go into the attic and start to remove the insulation from around the screw you drilled into the ceiling. Do not forget to wear a mask, gloves and also safety goggles when you handle the insulation.

The next step is measure the fan size intake port and mark the port outline on the ceiling with a framing square. Then drill in each square corner a hole and use a reciprocating saw to cut the drywall, then use the drill holes as a starting point. Continue the installation by running an electrical cable between your home’s main electrical box and the fan inside the attic location. After that go back to the attic to take off the junction box cover on the housing of the fan, which is the place where the wires located.

Then connect the wires from the fan to the electrical cable leading wires to the main box with plastic connector caps. Extend the brackets out from the housing of fan until they reach the joists. To the adapter on the vent housing side, attach a circular duct and wrap metallic duct tape around the joint. Then to the circular duct, connect the flexible duct with metal duct tape. After that go inside the bathroom and it’s time to attach the grille to the fan. Actually this installation process is dangerous, especially if you don’t know how to do it. To save the installation time process and if you don’t want to take the risk, you should hire an electrician to do the installation process of this Panasonic bathroom fan.

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