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Basement Carpet Tiles: Something for Everyone

August 25, 2019 Basement

Option of Basement Stair Ideas

The basement stair ideas are easy to overlook when it comes to design and decor. Instead of having a staircase with a simple utilitarian feature of leading people up and down, think of the staircase as a space worthy design review. Start by creating a theme for the stair area and giving the space a purpose. Allow the stairs to set the scene for how to use the most important areas in the basement.

Home Theater Entry Theme

If the basement serves as a media room, use the basement stair ideas to set the mood to enjoy entertainment. Decorate the walls in the stair area with movie posters. Get big posters so the artwork stands out prominently. Or make a grouping of posters framed in a similar size, such as 14 inches by 17 inches, with white mats to give the grouping the look of a collection. Paint the walls black so the staircase creates a dark film-like entrance. Frame posters with basic silver metal frames so the artwork shines. Install track lights to mark the movie posters and provide light for the stairwell.

Wine Cellar Wall Space

Use the wall space to make your own wine cellar. Cut and ferment wood to create frames to hold wine bottles. Paint or stain the wood depending on your preference for decorates. Assess to paint basement stair ideas walls deep red, grape or burgundy to complement your stair wine cellar design. Use the same type of color scheme to select carpets for the stairs. Store cork from bottles and glue them to a piece of wood to make works of art.

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