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Shelf Bracket Detail

How to Build a Shelf Bracket

August 25, 2019 Furnitures

Modern Bookshelves Design

Modern bookshelves – They can definitely make a fine home improvement and ideas are limitless. We are showing you best of best designs for your satisfaction. The purpose of a library is simply storing books, folders and other items that usually you’d get at an office or area of work. A simple library can also serve as an office desk to attach a folding desk with hinges to one of the shelves of the library. This is a simple procedure that gives the library a functional design for small office areas.

Modern bookshelves put three plates of plywood on the floor. On the three plots the same rectangle measuring 80 by 20 inches (200 x 50 cm). Two of the panels are on the sides of the library while the third is the rear panel. Draw five boxes for the shelves and desk in the fourth folding plywood board, which measures 18 by 20 inches (45 x 50 cm). Use the ruler to make straight lines.

Turn round and cut eight pieces of plywood for the modern bookshelves and desk folding saw. Use sandpaper to smooth all sides, edges and surfaces. Put two of the sides on the sides of an inch (2.5 cm) so as to rest on their longer side panels. Put one in front of the other. Take two of the five smaller pieces and put them between the two side panel’s perpendicular ledges.

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