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September 7, 2019 Loft Bed

Materials for a Rustic Lofted Bed

Lofted bed – A raised bed is an easy way to add extra space to a small room. Much bed can provide extra storage space, a sofa, a small reading area or even a desk. Creating a loft bed with a rustic look can add flair to a themed room such as a beach, a western theme or a cultural theme such as Native American or Mexican styles of decor.

Prior to the purchase of materials, take measurements of the room. Consider whether you want your raised lofted bed to accommodate a lofted bed underneath, or simply extra storage tubs. This will affect what additional materials you need to buy.

When looking for materials for your lofted bed, consider using medium-sized logs with the bark removed instead of standard 4 by 4 posts. Of course, the logs can be smaller or larger, depending on personal preference. You can also stain the logs every shade of brown, but you need a clear coat applied to all wood if you want to fully protect your wood. If you not keen on using logs to complete your rustic look, you can also consider an aging technique on the wood. There are also many small touches you can add, such as large, heavy looking studs, upholstery nails or other items that are theme-specific or taste.

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