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August 21, 2019 Furnitures

Making Modern Umbrella Stand

Modern umbrella stand may be more pleasant to have around than you think, and art is also easy you can do with a few items of daily use. Use cardboard, wrapping paper and some additional elements to make an economical umbrella stand at home. Get the kids to help and spend some quality time together elaboration.

To making modern umbrella stand with a utility knife, cut the top flaps of a box of thin cardboard high. Cut strips of clear packing tape with scissors. Cover the bottom of the closed box with edges that need to be recorded permanently. Insert a kitchen-sized garbage bag in the box. This will waterproof the inside of the umbrella stand. Paste the trash bag around the top of the inside of the box. Put the belt on the upper edges of the trash bag inside the box and bring the tape up and over the top outside of the box. Press the tape firmly.

Paint the box in small areas with decoupage glue. Gift wrap teardrop in different pieces and put the whole picture, allowing the pieces to overlap each other at random. Cut a piece of 1/2 “rope to fit around the upper outer edge of the box. Also cut a piece of string to fit around the outside bottom of the box. Apply a bead of glue around the top edge of the umbrella stand. Put the rope pulls the tail. This will create its upper edge. Let dry. Apply the second piece of string to the bottom in the same way. This string will be the edge of the bottom of the modern umbrella stand. Let dry off.

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