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Cheval Mirror Jewelry Armoire

August 25, 2019 Armoire

Making Large Jewelry Armoire

Turn off the top of your closet or vanity to make a large jewelry armoire wall. The cabinet will hang easily accessible; giving you additional space for other needs surface glamour. Recycle an old wooden cupboard door and waste to craft a jewelry wardrobe shallow. The cabinet will organize its dazzling fashion accessories, allowing you to keep your necklaces, bracelets and earrings tangle-free, while creating an artistic complement to the decor of your room.

Making large jewelry armoire, Measure the width of the closet door. With this measure, cut two boards 1 by 4 inches using a jig saw or miter saw. These are the top and bottom of the cabinet frame. Measure the length of your closet door. Subtracting the thickness of the upper and lower frame panels. Cut two boards 1-for-4 using this measurement. These are the sides of your frame.

Next for making large jewelry armoire, stand each of the four tables of cut in one of its long edges. Put together in a frame shape. Place the upper and lower ends of the side boards together. Setting the edges and corners so they are even. Click two pilot holes in each corner, from the outside of the upper and lower panels of the frame on the ends of the side boards, using a 1/32 inch drill bit. Place 1 wood screws 1/2-inch pilot holes and secure with a screwdriver.

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