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October 1, 2019 Basement

Making Basement Bathroom Ideas

Basement Bathroom Ideas can be install in a finished basement along with the other finished rooms or installed in an unfinished basement as a bathroom for temporary use only. Whether a bathroom serves as a full time bathroom or a temporary bathroom does not have a basement bathroom not have to go undisturbed.


Measure the length of each wall in the Basement Bathroom Ideas to determine how much space you have to install fixtures. Use the measure you take in the room around the shower or tub in the bathroom to determine how much more of a shower . Measure the space around the current sink or incoming plumbing sink to determine how much of a sink fixture fits into the space. Uninstall the old tub or shower fixtures if you want to replace them . Take the sink, pedestals, lockers and toilets in the same way.

Cut through the color on the top and bottom of the floor tiles with a matt knife. Slide a flap down behind each BMC as far as possible, tap the flap with a hammer if necessary to force it behind the trim and tie the trim off the wall. Change floors in a Basement Bathroom Ideas once large luminaires have been removed from the floor. Scale vinyl or linoleum coatings or break through tile floors with a chisel and hammer, remove adhesive on the floor with a color scraper and then sandpaper. Lay down new floors as instructed by the manufacturer.

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