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Making a Personalized Throw Pillows

Personalized throw pillows – There are many reasons to make personalized throw pillows. Your child needs a pillow that you can find in the nursery. His older leaves the nest and need a reminder of your home comfort when I grow nostalgia. Her beloved father or aunt is moving in a community environment and want to remind each day is thinking of her. You can also help a child make a very special custom pillow for a parent or grandparent, to create remember wanting to hold on to for a lifetime.

To making personalized throw pillows, cut a piece of plain cotton fabric to make a small pillow top, about 12 square inches. Lay the muslin on a piece of cardboard and pin the corners. The board will provide a flat, smooth surface for the young artist, and prevent any paint from running through the fabric and harm. Pour fabric paint on a paper plate. Let the artist press each hand at painting, coating thoroughly hands with paint. If the artist does not want to get their hands messy, skip this step and deliver it to the fabric markers.

Aid to the artist presses the palms firmly on the muslin. To make a very clean impression, try not to wiggle or scoot while pressing. Allow the palm prints dry. Once dry, encouraging the artist to write a message or do additional works with fabric markers. Turn the personalized throw pillows right side out. Stuff with fiberfill. Close the opening on the edge with whip stitches.

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