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September 15, 2019 Loft Bed

Make Full Loft Bed with Desk

Full loft bed with desk – In a student of limited dimensions you create space with a loft bed, instead of a regular bed. Under the bed is room for a desk. Spruce is the cheapest option. is selected in this example for a bed with a mattress size of 200 x 120 cm (“queen”) and a height of a total of 220 cm. Cut or scrape the spring on two floors of 120 and second floors of 203.6 cm. Panels assemble and fit. Set the panels for the bed frame together with 3 regular and one featherless floor portion (bonding). Mount two coupling plates, 20 cm (head and foot) or 60 cm (panels) from the edge. Fix support rail. Glue and screw at the bottom of both panels a support rail for the slatted base. On both sides remains an open space of 18 mm.

Put panels to each other to make full loft bed with desk. Turn on the panels to each other by means of universal joints, the head and foot end between the two side panels. Divide the slats for slatted evenly screw them on the supports. Sawing and planning. Cut or scrape at 4 boards of 240 cm on both the groove and the spring. Glue and screw the boards in pairs at right angles to each other. Glue and screw in the corner of each leg a bar (69×44 mm) of 64 cm. Leave a space of 69 mm, and then attach a bar of 134 cm.

Put the bed frame on the legs. Glue and screw the legs. Connect hind legs. Connect the back legs with the aid of the long sheet support. Put it into the holes and screw on both legs. Connect the rear to the front legs with the aid of the short sheet support. Stairs Poles glue Drill with 4 holes of 2 cm deep in both goal posts (35 mm speed drill) at 40, 80, 120 and 160 cm height. Cut off the logs into four lengths of 35 cm and glue it firmly in both foul poles. Saw at the front of the bed part from the upper floor parts 2, as wide as the staircase. Insert the released spring of the 3rd floor portion. Extend the worksheet at both ends by gluing and screwing a bar 60×1,8 cm. Place the sheet on the sheet support and screw it. Finally you can make full loft bed with desk.

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