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August 25, 2019 Furnitures

Leather Butterfly Chair

Leather butterfly chair features elegant design and classy design for comfort and function. many collections in the market can be selected based on the tastes and decor of the room. What so poetic name for such a nice chair.

Originally, It was called a more prosaic. It was known as the BK chair for its graceful form constellation soon began as a leather butterfly chair. From the 50s, this model reaches the United States and became an icon. It is estimated that in a few years the leather butterfly chair sold more than five million pieces! Originally the structure was tubular steel and leather chair body, but now can be found in multiple finishes and sizes.

The only “but” that I find is that once you sit or lie down in it, and do not want to rise. Does not it look fantastic for a touch “boo” into your home?. In these images the magazine Midas a you can see how light and how versatile leather butterfly chair as it fits in very different environments.

In the Goose you can find many versions, including this one, which follows the Navajo trend, topical this season in leather butterflys chair. Although it is definitely my favorite version, in brown leather and style vintage. I notice that you will see a lot in magazines and decorating blogs, the leather butterfly chair back with great force.

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