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August 24, 2019 Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen Island With Seating Considerations

Kitchen island with seating will be the central attention to the whole kitchen. It could use as a place for prepping meals, entertaining or even cooking. Depend on how you designated the kitchen island. But that’s why the kitchen island with seating has to be a well design space. I couldn’t imagine that the kitchen island had a narrow space. I suppose that space are related to the size of your kitchen, but that’s not the whole truth. Because design are also related to kitchen treatment, about how you placed all the kitchen furniture. That’s why sometimes tiny kitchen could feel spacious. Regarding to the kitchen island, if you didn’t put it on a perfect location then your kitchen could feel narrower.

Because of it there are recommendations from the Kitchen and Bath association regarding the measure of kitchen island with seating. The seating must be included in kitchen island planning because the seating will requires some space. The recommendation’s are base in how high the counter is, is it 30 inch, 36 inch or 42 inch. Each height had an exact recommendations about the space above the knee when seated. The 30 inch high counter, for example, should have an 18 inches of space above the knee, the 36 inch high counter is 15 inches of space above the knee, and the 42 inch high counter is 12 inches of pace above the knee.

Regarding the kitchen island with seating and the spacious kitchen you should remember that it hasn’t always be in a rectangular shape. It could be any shape that adjust to your kitchen situation. There are also other things that you should consider about kitchen island, that is the countertop materials and also the storage that you should provide in the kitchen island. Whatever it is choose the one that you like the most and the one that make your kitchen activities easier.

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