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Ikat Throw Pillows

Ikat Throw Pillows – Update 1 According to the newspaper Adevarul citing representatives Bucharest Ambulance, fire ISU Bucharest no they are equipped with throw pillows and hair nets to mitigate those who throw empty. Eventually, the authorities would have made sense in Agrees a huge leap, but it’s not been inflated before a woman to fall.

An artful safety net is not only useful in cases of suicide, but even in fire and situations where people cannot save than jumping from the window. Recall that the Department for Emergency Situations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is coordinated by Read Arafat. UPDATE 2 Secretary of State in May; Read Arafat said in a telephone intervention to B1 in this case will be an investigation. Arafat also said the ikat throw pillows were brought to an hour and a half before the woman to fall, but it was swollen to not attract attention. “They brought a pillow there an hour and a half before his suicide. Swelling cushion able to attract attention.

When he saw that situation: the world Shake and she stirred, and later discarded. Pena has a limited effect. It is calculated for a person with approximate 100 kg, from a distance of 20-25 meters. If the person wants to kill himself, if he sees another person moves and discard anyway ikat throw pillows, “said Arafat.

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