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October 15, 2019 Garage

Ideas Overhead Garage Storage

Overhead garage storage – Create storage rooms in the open space under your garage take advantage of basic carpentry skills and available building materials or manufactured garage storage shelves. Use overhead garage storage to make room for your cars and avoid having to rent a warehouse or put a shed on your property to save the things you use less often. You will appreciate the nice organization, convenience and time saved by utilizing all your garage space.

Evaluate your overhead garage storage needs; consider what you need to store in the extra garage space to help evaluate overhead storage options. Items you need to store come in all sizes and shapes, from boxes to bicycles. Long objects, such as ladders or timber, require open spaces such as ceiling beams. While other things, such as heavy tools or equipment, need a crane or lifting system to raise them overhead.

Create a specified list of items to be stored overhead garage storage and their approximate size. Start with the largest or heaviest down to the smallest, so you can calculate the overhead storage area you need. This list will help you see different ways of arranging items to use overhead garage space effectively.

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