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Ideal Space In Bunk Bed Trundle

One of those things I fantasize when we will be mothers is the decor of the bunk bed trundle. In our case, before the birth of Alfonso, we did not do anything special other than buying a crib and place rack or sheet on the wall, but little else. In part, because we knew we wanted a large family, so we hope that the three were born (for what if there were more boys or girls) to do some transformations and put things to our taste and a more definitive long term.

So it was this year when we made some changes and we choose how to be the ideal space for our children. However, it may not be definitive in bunk bed trundle. In fact, it is not because we have decided to change the single bed with a trundle Gabriel to ask the Magi at my parents. We’re not thinking of increasing family, not at all, but I think we will be good if guests come home. In addition, I confess, I’m a fan of bunk beds and trundle beds. I guess because my three brothers, small, had a combination of both, and I loved it.

The latter proposal already seems most in terms of saving space, tucked into those beautiful houses beds are great. In general, if anything I like trundle beds is because they allow you to have one below the other, not “eat” space in the room. Then there are those with one or more storage drawers that are great in any home with children. The bunk beds are another option that I love and that due to move my kids sleeping, now I do not plan, but do not rule out in the future. Also, do not tell me why, but they love, and I say to my brothers and I was given a lot of play. Have you any bunk bed trundle at home? do you like?

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