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August 28, 2019 Bedding

How to Tie Dye Bed Sheets

Tie Dye bed sheets is a creative way to fix old or flat sheets with interesting designs and shapes: fabric dyes can do almost anything come alive. Twist and tie the fabric is what makes this type of dye different from any other.  Turn the bedding in one of two ways, producing either continuous spiral or several rings extending through the fabric. To make a spiral, grab a handful of cloth and start twisting until the whole thing is twisted into a ball very well. Secure with rubber bands.

Set paper over the entire work surface before being tie dye bed sheets. Overestimate the amount of space needed, as any street dye stain permanently. Prepare your dyes in large buckets. Depending on the type of dye you purchased, you’ll have to be prepared in several different ways.

Place the tie dye bed sheets in the paper in order to clear the darker color. To begin dyeing, start with the lightest color first, and check to see how long to wait for your stain to set, before starting the dive in the second color. Also note that any color overlay will lead to a mixture of those colors, so if you start with the yellow and then red dip, the overlap will become orange.

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