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November 2, 2019 Furnitures

How to Reupholster Parsons Chairs

Parson chairs are wonderful to become a seat for relaxation. When it gets damaged, you can DIY its upholstery to bring back its beauty and comfort to you. Reupholster parsons chairs can add years of useful and attractive to a piece that was destined for the dump.


  1. Turn the parson’s chairs upside down. Search the exposed staples holding the fabric to the frame of the chair and with the caliper, remove those staples, starting with the bottom of the chair and working towards the back.
  2. The filling of the seat cushion will be exposed; which removes worn or stained. Cut foam seat size and place on it. Wrap cotton batting around the seat and stapled to the frame. Wrap the batting in the parson’s chairs once or twice more, to make it more comfortable and stapled to the frame.
  3. Place your new fabric on a large flat surface like a table or the floor. Put the old fabric that molds booked on it. Trace the outline of the molds with a chalk. Draw another border around the contours plotted above, this time leaving about two inches (5 cm) of extra around.
  4. Place the new cloth on the closed frame and foam batting, putting the pieces in the same locations from which they were removed. While stretching the fabric around the seat, but not too tight, and stapled edges of the fabric at the bottom of the seat.

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