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How to Repair Pendleton Wool Blanket

Pendleton wool blanket – is designed to withstand normal wear and lifetime. Accidents happen, however, and if your wool blanket is damaged, immediate attention is required. The longer you wait to repair the blanket, the worse the tear will become, and because the blanket is wool, parts of the tear could become permanently felt if not quickly resolved. Spread the blanket on a flat surface and assess the damage. If the tear or area that you need to repair is less than 3 inches long, you should be able sewing thread to match.

If the pendleton wool blanket has a large or irregular hole with lack of tissue, you need to fix it. Select a curtain of floss or yarn that comes close to the area to be broken, if it is determined that the tear is small enough to sew. Use a single strand, and make small stitches, butting the edges together. Secure the wire, and cut off the excess with scissors.

If the pandleton wool blanket is too big of a hole sewing fabric or lacks, you will have to make a patch. Choose a woolen fabric that either matches or complements the blanket, and cut a large enough to cover the hole completely square patch. Pin the patch into place, and sew with matching silk thread or secure. Patch of the hole on both sides of the blanket to prevent reopening of the hole from the other side.

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