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September 4, 2019 Furnitures

How To Make Log Cabin Furniture

Log cabin furniture is rustic country and popular even for modern contemporary homes. We are showing you step by step in how to make one by yourself simply. Log cabin furniture makes for a perfectly provincial plan in the home. Sadly it is very costly to buy and numerous individuals can’t stand to purchase it.


1. To make the end table, cut 52 inches off of the piece for the table top. Cut the wall post into eight 3-foot high legs, verifying each one end of each one leg is straight and smooth so the table will sit enduring.

2.  Don’t peel the bark in the event that you need a characteristic look. You can likewise utilize the skip technique if you lean toward parts of the bark to show  log cabin furniture.

3. Sand down all the surfaces until you get a completion you like with the harsh coarseness sandpaper.

4. With a dance, make mortises on the underside of the table that are somewhat bigger than the legs for a tight fit.

5.Apply the gorilla paste to within each one mortise and addition the legs. Permit to dry totally.

6. Once the get together is finished, sand the whole piece one last time and apply the min wax stain sealer with the tan color of your decision.

7. After the curing methodology, apply three covers, permitting to dry in the middle of layers, for a gleaming, generally ensured surface  log cabin furniture.

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