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October 21, 2019 Furnitures

How to Make a Shoe Cabinet with Doors

Shoe cabinet with doors is one smart piece of furniture to create pleasing to the eyes and the heart design. Neater and well organized shoes can be achieved. Shoe cabinet with doors is useful to keep your shoes together and off the floor of the closet. It is also useful to keep scarves, hats, gloves and other winter gear.


  1. Measure the inside of the shoe cabinet with doors to determine how wide and long it has to be the organizer of your footwear.
  2. Cut the bathtub curtain measures, but do not cut the end where the hooks go plastic. This allows you to hook it to the hooks for the door. The remaining piece of the curtain is to make the bags.
  3. Measures the size of the bags you need for your shoes with the remaining bath curtain. Most shoe fits in the bag 14 by 14 inches (35.56 by 35.56 cm), but the size depends on your needs.
  4. Draw pictures of the bags in the section of the shower curtain. Use a fine-tipped permanent marker to do this.
  5. Cut the plastic boxes the shower curtain with sharp scissors.
  6. Paste three sides of each bag to cut the curtain for the door. Leave the bag open aria to put the shoes there.
  7. Add hooks to the door above the shoe cabinet with doors. Slide the hooks to the holes in the shower curtain where the rings were.

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