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August 29, 2019 Dog Beds

How to Make a Canvas Dog Bed

Canvas dog bed – Canvas is a durable material that can be used to build a comfortable bed for your dog. But if your dog enjoys the challenge of chewing open her bed and making the stuffing, a dog bed made of single canvas, PVC pipe and a few screws is the perfect canvas dog bed your dog. Saw the PVC pipe into eight segments. Two segments must be 24 inches long, two should be 28 inches long and four should be four inches long. Connect the pieces of 24-inch, 28-inch pieces and corner pieces to form a rectangle. Insert pieces four inches in the open holes of the corner pieces and tap with a hammer. These serve as the legs of the bed to keep it above ground. Extend the canvas fabric with the wrong side facing up. Make sure you are working on a flat surface. Place the bed frame on top of the mat with your legs up.

Fold each corner of the fabric so that it is still below the structure. Times on one side of the fabric by 1/2 twice. The canvas should reach the center of the bottom of the pipe. Place the fabric with a screw in the center of the pipe, making sure the screw penetrates both layers of fabric. Add five screws spaced evenly across the web at the bottom of the pipe. Repeat these steps on the remaining sides.
Insert a screw in each corner of the frame inside. Tighten each screw with a channel lock to pull the fabric taut. Make two screws at the bottom of each corner piece. A screw should go to each side of each leg, but not on the sides of the legs. These screws to hold the legs securely in place. Flip over the canvas dog bed so that it is standing. Drill five screws on top of the fabric and PVC in each corner to prevent the dog chew any tissue that normally adhere to.

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