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October 15, 2019 Garage Fan

How To Install Hunter Garage Fan

Hunter garage fan – There has been a time when you put in a ceiling fan meant hiring a professional, but now’s ceiling fans are usually made for home made setup on an present ceiling electrical area, which generally would have a ceiling light fixture attached to it. Cut off power to the current ceiling lamp to the home circuit box. Access to the older rack with your ladder and remove it with a screwdriver to take out the screws holding the fixture into the electric box inserted in the ceiling. Disconnect the wires between the fixture and the box so that the exposed wires dangling out of this box.

Locate the mounting bracket that came with hunter garage fan and twist it to the electric box with the screws provided. The mount is going to be fitted to be matched with the screw holes on a normal box. The cable should hang down the center of the mount. Build the fan based on the instructions, but don’t join the blades. Walk the fan your ladder and then hang it out of the mounting hook onto the mount. This is going to be a little metal hook that fits through a hole near the surface of the fan casing so the home for dangling from the mount, therefore the wires from the fan will be near the cables coming from this electric field.

Connect the cables from the fan to them from the electric field with wire nuts. Connect the cables according to color: black , white . Wrap plumber’s tape around the links. Tuck the attached components of the cables into the electric field. Twist the aluminum grounding cable of the electric box around the green grounding screw on the hunter garage fan.

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