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How To Hang Alpaca Blanket

Alpaca blanket – is a camelid skin that looks like a small flame. Alpacas animals not work, but who are raised for their warm skin, light that is woven into clothing, blankets, rugs and other textiles. Alpaca rugs are plush and soft, but should not be used in a high traffic area. Instead, many people choose to ride their alpaca rugs on the wall for a cozy and original tapestry.

Decide on an appropriate place to hang your wall for alpaca blanket. Set the upper corner of the blanket to the wall with a pin. You may need a helper or a stool. Secure the other superior, then end the two lower corners. See your blanket, and make sure that you like your position.

Hammer small nails in side of the push pins. Use additional nails along the edges if the opening of the blanket away from the wall. Because alpaca is so light, the alpaca blanket does not pull down the nails, causing larger holes. Also, the top of the nail easily hidden within the skin.

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