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How to Embroidered Baby Blanket

Embroidered baby blanket – Make your next stitch to start sewing, a simple way for beginners. From under the covers, moving the needle on the 1/8 inch and sew to the top of the fabric. Step back 1/8 of an inch by the end of the first stitch and sew to the bottom. Repeat this stitch along the first letter. The final stitches on the wrong side of the blanket. Slide the needle under the covers and through the bottom of the first letter. The needle move in front of the 1/8 of an inch and push the needle through the fabric on the bottom.

Moved thread and start at the bottom of the next letter, or a new piece of yarn, thread on the needle and start the second letter of new life. Repeat until all the letters are embroidered baby blanket. Release the ring and cut off the stabilizer around the letter. Pull small pieces attached stabilizer remove them from the blanket. Do not pull too hard to avoid pulling on the embroidery stitches.

Lay down a blanket on the work surface with a section for direct embroidered baby blanket in front of you. Spray a piece of light stabilizer with temporary spray adhesive and push it under the covers. Press firmly to attach the stabilizer. Write the names on the quilt-washing-off fabric pen or piece of chalk. Use stencils to make decorative letters of note: If you like it. Slide the cover in the circle embroidery and soft closed loop screw. Do not let the fabric quilt stretching.

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