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September 17, 2019 Armoire

How to Decorate Mirrored Armoire with Paint

Decorate the mirrored armoire doors, if you cannot remove or modify them, or if you like to have the mirror doors. Use paint, fabric or images to decorate the mirrors. Choose the option that best fits your decorating plans, if you want a bit in the mirror to show through or want the entire surface disguised.

Education to decorate mirrored armoire with paint: tape clear contact paper on the mirror, trim any excess if necessary. Tape the card at the beginning of the mirror and down the sides so it is smooth and flush against the mirror doors. Draw pictures you desire on the contact paper with a marker where you want, either freehand or with a stencil.

Trace the marks you made on the paper in contact with a utility knife, cut the paper out of the mirror. Dip the small roller in acrylic paint and roll directly on the mirror. Lift the brush and pull back if you want to apply another coat of paint.

Finally, to decorate mirrored armoire with paint, remove the tape to take the contact paper down, while the paint is still wet. This makes it easy to remove the contact paper and clean up any accidents with a clean cloth.

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