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November 15, 2019 Furnitures

How to Decorate Hollywood Regency Furniture

Hollywood regency furniture – It has been very popular these day. Making it looks beautiful and well maintained will not take too much efforts. As I should imagine, is everything related to glamor. It is a design style in the early 60 having details of modern minimalist design combined with classical and ornamental details. If you like minimalism, but love metal decorations and bright certainly you’re fabulous and glamorous Hollywood regency furniture!


  1. Choose a range of colors. Hollywood regency furniture is based on the contrast. The ranges of basic colors are black and white, or cream and dark brown or all white, all black or cream. Then colored details mix with this fund. Use red, pink, teal, yellow or any other color you choose.
  2. Choose furniture upholstered in rich fabrics. At the heart of Hollywood regency furniture there surfaces bright. This includes fabrics like silk, the satin and velvet with glitter and is rich and tasteful.
  3. Use mirrors on walls and furniture. Mirrors are an essential part of Hollywood regency furniture. Not just hanging on the walls, but also on furniture. Mirrored furniture found in bedrooms, living rooms and dressing rooms.
  4. Fixed seating, bed or define a space for carpets. Animal designs are popular in Hollywood regency furniture therefore places an animal skin rug under the bed.

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