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August 26, 2019 Bolster Pillow

How to Covering Your Bolster Pillows

Covering bolster pillows. First step measure the circumference of the pillow, which is the measurement around the cylinder body. Add 1-1 / 4 inches for measurement. As through one of the circular ends of the pillow, through the length of the pillow, and around the other end. Add 3 inches. Cut a rectangular piece of cloth according to your measurements. Pin along the edge, using 3 inches pins placed perpendicular to the edge distance.

Stitch seam, using a sewing machine. Place seam 5/8 inch from the edges. Two seam allowances represent extra 1-1 / 4 inches added to the measurement of the circumference of the bolster pillows. Remove the pins before the needle of the sewing machine reaches them. Fold one end of the middle deck inch toward the wrong side of the fabric. Press. Fold the end again. Press. Sew down the folded edge with the sewing machine. Place seam as close to the bottom edge bent as you can.

Turn the cover out reinforce its normal position. Just cut the ½ inch inside stitches ranging from the length of the cover in the folded end off. Do the same at the other end. Insert the head on the cover and the center along the length of the deck. Pull the tape on one end of the cover tight and tie it with a bow. Pull the tape at the other end of the roof enhance and tie closed the same way. Bolster pillows was covered.

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