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September 2, 2019 Bedding

How to Build Trundle Bed

The trundle bed is small bed which can be pushed under the master beds. It is lower and usually has a set of wheels for easy movement. It is sometimes also known as truckle bed. Berth can be made of wood or iron frames ready available on the market. These structures can be simple and flexible to provide the desired height for the rotation.

Instructions to build trundle bed: decide what size mattress. Cut plywood based on the mattress size, maintaining a small margin inches in length and width. Then, two cut pieces of a board 2 × 4 4 ½ inches in length more than compensated. Cut two more pieces of board 2 × 4 ½ inch width of more than compensated. These form the frame.

Join the four plates 2 × 4 using inside the L-brackets and support it with little messages to form an open rectangular frame that can support the plywood. Use strong nails and fix the plate to the post, on both sides.

Place the wood inside the frame by nails or staples heavy strong. Turn the rotation down and put casters on each corner of Castor, in messages. Finally, to build trundle bed, color sides of rotation to coincide with the main bed.

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