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November 10, 2019 Furnitures

How to Build Storage Benches for Kitchens

Storage benches for kitchens can make a fine enhancement to feature elegant design and function. Seating and storage are wonderfully offered for improvement. Benches with storage box for kitchens are beneficial in many ways, giving us both a place to sit and a place for extra storage.

Whether you have a small kitchen and being around the table in the kitchen is always a tedious task, or if your kitchen is overrun with books, cooking appliances that you rarely use, a bench with storage will help to solve some problems and takes less a week in the making.


1. Measure, then cut the panel into 2 of pieces measuring 2 feet with 16 inches and 16 inches by 6 feet, 2 pieces that measure 16 inches by 6 feet and a piece that measures 2 feet 6 inches.

2. Build the framework of internal storage benches. Start with 2 pieces of 6 feet above the floor placed in parallel.

3. Put screws 4 inches long at a certain angle with the electric unscrewed. Remember to lay all the pieces of wood on the floor in this step so that the sides are 4 inches on the ground and not pointing up, not looking at the sides.

4. Add the remaining 8 pieces of 16 inches between the 2 pieces you’ve built in two steps earlier. Screw through the wooden 6 feet long and 16 inches where the pieces intersect 6ft with 16 already joined. This will give a rectangular box to your bank.

5. Cover the outside of the storage benches with the panel.

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