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November 5, 2019 Furnitures

How to Build a Mirrored Coffee Table

You can absolutely build your own mirrored coffee table to fill living room space simply yet significantly. Just follow these steps as guidelines! A mirrored coffee table, for instance, obliges minimal more than wood and mirrors to develop and is certain to turn into the point of convergence of your parlor.


1. Measure the measurements of the space you expect to load with your coffee table.

2. Cut two sheets of medium-thickness fiberboard (MDF) utilizing the length and width estimations for the top and base of your end table utilizing a mirrored coffee table saw.

3. Lay the base board level on the ground before you and apply a globule of wood paste around every one of the four edges.

4. Rehash this methodology to join the second long side board and both of the end boards.

5. Apply a dab of wood paste to the top uncovered edges of the side and end boards, then lay the top board level on top of the casing, adjusting the edges.

6. Fill the nail gaps with wood filler and permit it to dry as indicated.

7. Paint the wooden casing utilizing silver inner part review latex paint.

8. Paint four 4- by 4-inch wooden pieces dark and permit them to dry totally.

9. Set the end table casing upright and dry-fit the mirrored tiles to make certain they will all fit.

10. Permit the glue, then uproot the painter’s tape and revel in your mirrored coffee table.

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